[MEDI FLOWER] Aronyx Anti-Wrinkle Zero Cream, 11ml

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ARONYX Wrinkle zero cream 'NANOSOME' increases skin absorption rate Faster and more effective with new technology nanoparticles. Completion of elasticity and smooth shining skin. seaweed extract, wrinkle improve function, skin elasticity patent ingredients, Phycojuvenine Phycojuvenine Prevent mitochondria damage Helps mitochondria respiration and APT generation. Promoting skin vitality 10 patented elastic constituents It is a highly concentrated patented ingredient that contains 10 natural extracts and provides moisture and nutrition to the skin intensively.

1. Nutritional ingredients will wrinkle immediately as soon as you apply.
2. Pearl light is dispersed in the dark part of the wrinkle inside.
3. Lifting film slowly shrinks for 8 hours.

How To Use:

In the last step of skin care, take a proper amount and spread evenly on the 
direction of skin texture, then tap it to absorb into your skin

11 ml

Made In Korea