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[SOME BY MI] Vitamin C Set - Galactomyces Serum & V10 soap & bubble net

  • Dhs. 130.00

[SOME BY MI] Galactomyces Pure Vitamin C Glow Serum 30ml helps to turn skin tone effectively. Regular use of each day serum Some By Mi will help you get the bright white, moist, smooth skin as you wish:

  • For all skin types.
  • Ability to whiten dull, dull, uneven color skin ...
  • The ability to moisturize helps keep the skin healthy and full of life.
  • Promote skin regeneration process
  • Gently remove dirt and nourish new skin from the very beginning. From there, your skin will light up and limit the formation of dark areas (dark, pigmentation, ...).
  • Improved skin texture helps elastic skin and replenish fatigue-reducing energy for the skin to help skin stay alive.
  • The main ingredients include 2 components of Galactomyces and Pure Vitamin C with two perfect whitening ingredients.
  • Extremely high permeability, leaving no greasy layer on the face.
  • Suitable for use at all times, even in hot summers.

[SOME BY MI] V10 Multi Vita Cleansing Bar

Removes skin impurities and recharges skin with Vitamin with a moisturizing finish. Revitalizes skin with concentrated Vitamin C & 10 Multi-Vitamin for a healthy radiance. Free of 20 harmful ingredients and contains NO artificial color, chemical surfactant, and harmful ingredient

How to use:

1. Gently massage your cheeks, nose, and forehead with Some By Mi V10 Pure Vitamin C Soap. Carefully massage areas near your eyes and mouth.
2. Use a toner, as it is or dabbed on a cotton pad before applying Galactomyces Pure Vitamin C Glow Serum on the skin.
3. Dab serum gently on the skin for better absorption.