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[MISSHA] Pore Fection BB Cream - 30ml (SPF30 PA++)

  • Dhs. 65.00

The densely cover the pores and fine lines. 
Produce smooth skin texture without defect.
Brightens the skin. 
It lasts for a long time without darkening.
Aloe vera extract and papaya fruit were contained. 
Provides moist skin texture.

1. Perfect coverage to erase imperfections and large pores
Pore control formula fills in your pores and fine wrinkles for an airbrushed appearance.
2. Glowing skin
Skin is brighter and lighting powder takes care of excess sebum, keeping your skin glowy for a long period of time.
3. Fresh care cover
Aloe vera extract keeps skin soothed and papaya extract makes for a clean and fresh finish.
How To Use: 
Apply evenly after skincare regimen, using a makeup sponge, brush or fingertips.